Nags Head, NC

Volunteers are needed for the OBX Towne Bank Half Marathon, 5k, fun Run and 5k 1/2 Challenge..  This Half marathon takes place on Sunday, Nov. 7 and the 5k fun run takes place on Saturday Nov. 6, 2021 with preparation activities occurring during the week prior.

Parking – Volunteer parking will be at the Sound side Events site for Sunday and at First Flight School campuses on Saturday..
Volunteer Check-in is located just inside the Sound side events site entrance and inside the football field at FFHS.  All volunteers should report here first to check in and get further instructions.

The greatest need is for Course Monitors/Marshalls.

Volunteer roles:


Time – Fri 1:00 pm-7:00 pm /Sat 11:00 am-3:00pm

Duties – Provide bib and shirt to race/ride participants.

  • Distribute Race Bibs
    • Organized by alphabet in boxes (Last Name, First Name)
    • Participants can pick up for other participants
  • Can’t Find Bib in Box
    • The Bibs can stick together so double check.
    • Ask if they may have registered under a different name.
    • Ask if someone else may have picked it up for them.
    • If you still can’t locate their bid, direct them to “Same Day Registration” for resolution.
  • Distribute Shirts
    • Shirt size is printed on the bib label. If shirt size is “none” then they did not register in time to get a shirt. 
    • Participants that registered on race day will onlyget a shirt if available.
    • Participants will notbe able to exchange sizes until after the race @ shirt table.

Instructions to share with participants:

  • Participant must wear the bib so it is visible in FRONT. Attach with 4 safety pins (provided).
  • Bibs can’t be read if rolled up and under high density items such as race belt with storage pouches.
  • Do not bend or remove the chip from the back of the bib.
  • Bibs are disposable and do not need to be returned



Course Monitor

Time – 6:15 am

Age Requirement – All Course Monitors be 21 years of age or older.

Items required while on Course (pick up at Volunteer check in)

  • Safety Vest– Each course monitor will be required to wear a safety vest. At the completion of the event the vest should be returned to Volunteer Check In table
  • Location Assignment– Maps and location of assignment will be provided at mandatory meeting or via email beforehand if possible.


  • Attend mandatory meeting with Outer Banks Sporting Events at 6:20 am at XXXXX
  • After meeting, promptly go to your assigned location and be in position by XXXX
  • DO NOTleave your assigned location until the sweep or Police indicate that the final runner has come through.
  • Report any issues to Police or call 911 for emergency situations/or radio designated persons.
  • Return Safety Vest after completion of duties.

General Volunteers/Start and finish

Time – Saturday morning 6am-12 pm at First Flight High school football field.  Sunday morning 4:30am-2:00 pm  ( You can work 2 hours shifts or the entire time) Sound Side Events Site)

Locations – First Flight High school( Saturday) Sound Side Events Site (Sunday)

Duties – General Volunteers vary-Monitor events, stock water, Gatorade and food, monitor grounds, help with Crowd control, aide at registration/information table, Id checker, help at Beer Garden, Serve food, help at Sales store.

Start and Finish-hand out water, swag, medals, Control Corrals, Give aide where needed





Volunteer Check-In

Time: Expo-Friday 12:30, Sat @ 10:30, FFHS Football Field-6:00 am, Sunday @ Sound side Events 4:15 am

Check-in – Volunteer Check-in table is located at the following: Expo, FFHS Football field and Sound side entrance.  Report here first to check in and get further instructions

Parking – Volunteer parking will be at FFHS, and At Soundside events


  • Greet individual volunteers as their shift begins and check them off the master list
  • Give instructions on where the volunteer should go for their assignment
  • Give each volunteer a t-shirt
  • Course Monitor volunteers will each receive:
    • Safety vest
    • Maps and course assignment

Course Water Stations

Time Saturday 7:00 am, Sunday 6:00 am

Duties – Setup/take down water station and provide water to participants while on course.

  • Water
    • Water supply - use tap water and hose provided.
    • Fill coolers with water and then use coolers and/or pitchers to fill cups.
    • Fill cups no more than half way. Too much water spills on the runner and is hard for them to drink while running.
    • When participants are passing, assign volunteers as follows:
      • Call out “water” to let participants know water station is coming up
      • Hold cups at the brim with your thumb and finger for easy pass off to participants
      • Replenish water supply in cups for those handing to participants.
      • Water stations are an important element in the race experience, not only for water, but for moral support. Cheer on the participants and keep them motivated!!!   Make it fun!!!
    • Clean up
      • Once the last runner has passed, clean up cups and debris using trash bags and break down the refreshment tables.
      • Place tables, cooler, unopened jugs, water hose to the side for pickup.

When & Where

Nov 5, 2021 - Nov 7, 2021


9:00 AM

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